Rise Together
Santa Cruz County

Photo Credit: SENDEROS

Rise Together is a group of 17 Leaders of Color and a team from Community Foundation Santa Cruz County working together to advance racial equity in Santa Cruz County. The group was convened in June of 2020 by the Community Foundation to support the vision and action needed to build a more just and equitable county.

We acknowledge that the land of Santa Cruz County, where we are working towards racial equality and justice, is the unceded territory of the Mutsun and Awaswas-speaking peoples. The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band are descendants of the Indigenous peoples taken to missions San Juan Bautista and Santa Cruz. Today they are working to restore traditional land stewardship to these lands through the work of the Amah Mutsun Land Trust and to heal from historical trauma.

Zapoteco translation by Rise Together Member, Fe Silva-Robles:

Neze'dzu zuadzu yu Santa Cruze'nh, ga'nh shnabdzu yuge'llah yuge'dzu suadzu wenh, gakdzu tuze, lhache' yu'nh ke se'ezande' bene'nh sene' Mutsun nha' Awaswas. Yuge' bene' welalle'nh Amah Mustun Tribal Band besetse'e le'e ga'nh sene' misiones San Juan Bautista nha' Santa Cruz. Nella yuge'e tsu'unhe' byenh yisyizi'e yisyiyune' yu ka' ka'nh dzale' gak lhu'u llinh tse Amah Mutsun Land Trust kwents kwe' yele'txhenlhalle' tantw ba bsa'aktek tsee’.

Our purpose is to build awareness, trust, and investment in the work led by, for, and in support of People of Color in Santa Cruz County. Through our individual and collective stories and efforts, we give voice to our experiences and propel actions and funding that will change existing systems of inequity and build a county where everyone can thrive.


Video by Inspira Studios