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Invest in Rise Together

Photo Credit: Santa Cruz MAH

Our collective work towards racial equity requires growing sustained funding for communities of color. Historically, organizations led by people of color receive less grant money with more strings attached than white-led organizations. Our aim is to increase investment in the work led by, for, and in support of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and People of Color in Santa Cruz County.

Strengthening the Circle

In June 2020, the Community Foundation launched the Rise Together coalition and Fund for Racial Equity. Since June 2021, the fund has supported $823,000 in projects led by Rise Together members to advance our collective racial equity goals. 


But Rise Together moves beyond the traditional model of “just” providing funding. It's about being in community with one another and it’s the connections that fuel, motivate, and sustain our work. 


Being in partnership with Rise Together demonstrates an alignment in values and commitment to increase our collective sense of community belonging. Together, we can create sustained funding focused on racial equity to increase local economic mobility, transform systems, and end racial disparities in Santa Cruz County.


When each of us gives and invests in Rise Together, we strengthen our circle and directly impact communities and leaders of color.

Join the Circle

There are many ways you can join us and invest in Rise Together.

1. Increase the investment in Rise Together projects to support their long-term sustainability.

2. Give directly to Rise Together Member Organizations

3. Give to the Rise Together Fund for Racial Equity at the Community Foundation. We will continue to grow the group and the grants to advance Rise Together’s goals for racial equity. 

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