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Jaime Molina

(pronouns: he/him/his)

Jaime Molina is a longtime resident of Watsonville and comes from strong and proud Mexican roots. He is a family man who lives by family and cultural values. His parents come from Zacatecas and Chihuahua. He was born in El Paso, Texas, and grew up in Juarez, Mexico. He came to this country in the early ’70s and attended Watsonville High School. He graduated from Cabrillo College with an associate degree and from UC-Santa Cruz with a bachelor’s in psychology and sociology. 

Jaime was a reentry student who had to overcome personal, financial, and emotional challenges to put himself through school and provide for his family. Having had this second chance in his education, he made his best effort to earn academic excellence and be a model for his children and his family. He eventually graduated at the top of his class with a master’s degree from San Jose State University in clinical social work. He has worked for over three decades in non-profit agencies and contributed to county, state and national efforts in the areas of family dynamics, youth leadership development, mental health, substance abuse, gang involvement, juvenile justice reform, the Supporting Father Involvement study, and cultural competence. 

Jaime is well known and respected in the school system and recovery community. Currently, he is a master trainer with the National Compadres Network around the country in the areas of family strengthening and transformational healing practices. He is also the current co-chair director for the Community Action Board of Santa Cruz County and sits on the board for Monarch Services Inc. In addition, he has been an active leader of San Pablo de Colores, a spiritual retreat movement, for the last 29 years. But most importantly, Jaime is a family man who is most proud of being an elder, grandpa (Tata) and maestro for his dedication to community and cultural values.

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