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Goals and Actions

Photo Credit: NAACP Santa Cruz County Branch, WestCliff Creative

Our purpose is to build awareness, trust, and investment in the work led by, for, and in support of People of Color in Santa Cruz County. Through our individual and collective stories and efforts, we give voice to our experiences and propel actions and funding that will change existing systems of inequity and build a county where everyone can thrive.

Our goals are to


Increase upward economic mobility and sustainable local career pathways for current and next generation leaders of color and community networks.  


Amplify, value, celebrate, and preserve People of Color’s stories, arts, culture, and community events. 


Change policies, structures, and systems at the root level with people of color-led solutions, representation, and power to increase equity and anti-racist policy


Deliver essential services, address barriers, and build community capacity to fight racial disparities to improve well-being for People of Color to prosper. 


Continuously give and grow sustained funding for communities of color.


We come together in community as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color leaders with trust and the safety to be our whole selves.

These goals will take time and your support.

Our 2022-2023 cohort is currently working on collective actions towards these goals:

  • Support People of Color leadership and professional development.

  • Amplify People of Color’s storytelling, events, and the arts. 

  • Issue grants to support People of Color led solutions and increase giving to the Rise Together Fund.

In 2021, Rise Together took three collective actions towards these goals:

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